A Proper Revision

You probably know about the fiery and great growth of the start-up culture in the world, and especially in the USA.

In this country, you can find many of the best startups in the world, and the home services industry is quite interesting for many of them.

That’s why we are going to talk about the best home services startups in the USA. If you are interested in this topic just because you like it or if you want to explore already-successful examples, then you are welcome to give this article a pretty good read.


Services Startups in USA

Even though the home services sector is going through a very slow change, you need to know that there are startups trying to innovate this sector, and one of them is Handybook.

What does it do? Well, basically it allows you to find trustworthy professional to take care of different home services you may need: Plumbing, cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. You name it. Your house needs something, then Handybook can get you in touch with the professional you need right now.

This new startup has received a lot of funds, and as it seems, it’s sailing in the right direction.

Although there are many things to do ahead, because this industry is changing very slowly, if they can maintain long enough in the game and improve according to what people are looking for, they should grow and become successful eventually.


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